Jewelry supporting people experiencing eating disorders

Stockholm based The Feather Collection was established in the summer of 2014. The idea is to create jewelry and at the same time raise funds and awareness about eating disorders. With years of own experiences from eating disorders this issues are very close to heart. The jewelry are a piece of handmade bohemian bracelets inspired by native american culture and all things wordly. All the simple but unique bracelets are decorated with a feather that symbolizes freedom and future. A future free from eating disorders and where every person are free to be themselves. 

The jewelry are made in different materials, colours and sizes. Some of the material used are leather, hematite, turquoise, lava stones swarowski crystals. The bracelets complete a bohemian, radiant and confident style with a personal touch. Wear them stacked together to create your own unique look or use them one at the time

Help raise awareness about eating disorders   

We all know someone or have heard about someone suffering from eating disorders. It's a complex illness that affects not only individuals but also their friends and families. I know how much impact it has on every aspect of your life. It affects your medical and psychological health, career and relationships. Without the right threatment the consequences can be serious, long term and life threating. Unfortunately, the alternatives for treatment are limited and a lot of people are not getting the support they need.

Hopefully I will bring more awareness about eating disorders, support the organization Frisk&Fri and also promote some positive energy with my bracelets. Wear a feather bracelet and show your support!


Contact: camilla@thefeathercollection.se